Radio Poland: Border guards detain Russian over 'information war' on Poland

By On May 19, 2018

Radio Poland: Border guards detain Russian over 'information war' on Poland

Radio Poland: Border guards detain Russian over 'information war' on PolandA security services spokesman warned that Russia was trying to destabilize Polish society and

Border guards have detained a woman suspected of helping wage a Russian "information war" against Poland and who has a ban on entering the country, according to a report.

The woman, who is a citizen of Russia and Cyprus, is to be expelled from Poland, public broadcaster Polish Radio's IAR news agency reported on Friday, Radio Poland reported.

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The woman, named only as "Anastazja Z", worked to consolidate pro-Russian groups in Poland in order to challenge Po lish government policy on historical issues and "replace it with a Russian narrative," according to IAR.

Polish security services said on Thursday they had detained a Russian citizen named as "Yekaterina C" and banned four people from entering the country after cracking down on a network waging a "hybrid and information war" masterminded by Moscow.

A security services spokesman warned that Russia was trying to destabilize Polish society and politics.

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