Lawmakers, victims discuss priestly sex abuse in Poland

By On October 08, 2018

Lawmakers, victims discuss priestly sex abuse in Poland

October 8 at 9:08 AM

WARSAW, Poland â€" The head of a Polish foundation that represents victims of sexual abuse by Catholic priests has met with opposition lawmakers and human rights activists to demand criminal punishment for the priests and changes in legislation that would better serve the victims.

The meeting Monday was attended by some 30 people, including lawyers and psychologists who campaign for better protection of minors and greater social sensitivity to the issue of sexual abuse in the church. The task is the more difficult because the church enjoys great authority in the predominantly Catholic nation and support from the ruling conservative party.

Head of the foundation Marek Lisicki, himself a victim, called for an independent commission to assess the scale of clerical sex abuse and for the waiving of the statute of limitations on it.

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Source: Google News Poland | Netizen 24 Poland

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